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We Miss you all Dearly, but for now we will offer a

Selection of Take Out for Pick Up

All Meals are Ready to Heat and Enjoy  at Home

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Our Kitchen, Your Table

Ready To Heat and Eat

After much pondering, we know that our style of food will not hold up to travel well as a finished product.....so we will prepare and package all elements in a ready to 'heat, plate and enjoy" format. All orders will include any necessary instructions. 

Weekly Specials and PIZZA

Each week we will offer Pizza ( ready to bake) on Wednesdays and another weekend menu for Pick up On Friday. Current Offerings will go live for ordering    (Mondays for Pizza, Wednesdays for 'Weekend ' )       and then contactless pickup will occur at The Windjammer. Delivery is not really an option cause it's just me!

Fresh and Local

We are still committed (as always) to supporting our incredible farmers and local producers...this is a little more challenging now, but we will persevere. Quantities are Limited to maintain quality and our sanity but it will be regular so if you miss out once , don't give up, try again! 

Pick up Only